Pat's Pillows & Pouches

Bobbie Menneg, Beyond the Ribbon’s founder, developed the Pat’s Pillows and Pouches program after experiencing discomfort first-hand following cancer surgery. To help bring her some comfort, Bobbie’s sister, Pat, made her a pillow and drain pouch. To spread the same comfort to others, our program Pat’s Pillows and Pouches was born. Patients use our custom hand sewn small pillows, drain pouches, and seat belt cushions to help protect post-surgical sites from unintentional pressure and accidental bumps. Pat’s pillows are small pillows used to cushion pressure from one’s own limbs or other contact pressure. These pillows work wonders for patients with abdominal incisions as well when held against you when coughing or sneezing. Many patients are discharged after surgery with tubing and drains that pull fluid from the surgical sites. Because drains are sutured to the skin, they can catch on clothing or other objects causing the patient discomfort. Pat’s pouches tie around your neck or waist and provide a safe holding place for the drain to protect from accidental pulling. They can also be used to prevent tugs and pulls during showers and baths. Seat belt cushions wrap around vehicle seat belt straps to relieve direct pressure and irritation on surgical sites and ports. Because of the comfort that these cushions provide, more patients are encouraged to wear seat belts instead of going without one to avoid the pain. Beyond the Ribbon provides local physicians and patient navigators the pillows, pouches and seat belt cushions for distribution to cancer patients. Patients can also contact us directly and request these items. The goal is to provide more comfort during the healing experience because when someone is going through the worst of times, a little bit of relief is sometimes a priceless commodity!


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