Committee Volunteer

Barbara Fields


I’m a 3-time Breast Cancer Survivor! In August 2005, I was doing my self-examination and I found a lump on my left breast. Two weeks later my doctor performed biopsies and yes it was Breast Cancer. Knowing that Cancer runs deep in my family, I decided to do a Lumpectomy surgery along with 8 rounds of Chemo and 6 weeks of Radiation. I smiled through my treatments because I know I had caught it (The Cancer) and it didn’t catch me. 

Six years later in Sept 2011 during a routine examine by way of minimally invasive Breast Biopsy, we found a pin size lump which turned out to be Breast Cancer in the right breast. So, I decided to have a Mastectomy on the right breast along with 4 rounds of chemo and reconstruction surgery. 

In August 2014 once again I was doing my self-examination and I found a new lump on my left breast again. I thought it was scar tissue from the Lumpectomy I had done in 2005, but unfortunately the biopsies result revealed it was Cancer again. I decided to have a Mastectomy on the left breast which included multiple surgeries because of the damage tissues from the radiation that was done in 2005.  I’m currently on a Hormonal Therapy Treatment for the next five years. Thru the Hair loss twice, two LD Flap surgeries, drainage tubes and painful nights,  I’m still standing and I Thank God every day for my blessing.   

Explanation of my Journey:

Yes. I’m a Survivor and I wear my Wings proudly.